Why shop small businesses?

Posted by Creative Laser Solutions on 7th Aug 2014

Why shop small businesses?

Reasons to think and buy locally. 

Buy Local and Support yourself:  Multiple studies show that when you decide to buy from a small locally owned business, rather than a large chain business, your money is used to strengthen the economic base of your community.

The well being of your community:  Locally owned businesses help in building strong communities. They create more jobs locally and can provide better wages and benefits than chain companies do. Money spent at a small local business stays in the community

Customer Service: Contacting someone from a local business on questions or concerns will normally result in prompt replies, genuine concern and service. Especially during holiday seasons when you have a difficult time getting in contact of someone in customer service, you will likely be able to speak to someone who runs a small business and in return have a enjoyable experience speaking with the business owner. 

Buying American: Buying locally means most of the products you are purchasing are made in the U.S.A and there is usually no outsourcing! 

Quality of what you are buying:  Purchasing from local businesses mean having a product that will last a long time. Most products we all buy from chain companies are cheaper goods and cheaper quality. 

Buying local fact:  Study's show $45 of every $100 spent at small, local businesses stays in the local economy. National chains only keep local $13 of every $100 spent.

Local businesses having unique gifts: Most chain companies have the same gifts, and there is nothing worse than giving a gift that someone else has already given. Small businesses provide quality unique gifts, and the chances that the recipient has already received that same gift is little to none. Besides the fact that personalized or unique gift have a wow factor, they will give a gift that will last a lifetime. 

Small businesses help support other small businesses:  Small businesses stick together. By supporting one another, it keeps the community together and keeps small businesses here in the U.S. A. It also keeps connections between business owners that make long lasting business relationships.