Custom Engraved Plaques

Why use a custom engraved plaque?

Our personalized plaques are great commemorateing special milestones and achievements. The plaques are deeply engraved with a high quality finish that makes for great contrast and easy readability. A custom engraved plaque can be a fantastic gift for everything from a business milestone with our custom engraved plaques or to commemorate a first father/son hunt with our Personalized Story of the Hunt Plaque. The options are endless with these beautiful plaques and even if we dont have exactly what you want we can surely create it for you. 

What can be engraved on my plaque?

Our plaques can be engraved with a variety of types of artwork.  We have software that allows us to process and engrave with stunning realism everything from photo's to 3d renderings. On our Custom Plank Owner Plaques we used a 3d rendering of the ship before the vessel was completed.  These plaques were printed for all of the crew on multiple ships.  We have engraved patent certificates, architectural drawings, color photo's and of course your standard vector logo's and text. We have dedicated graphic professionals that will work with you to turn your ideas into a reality. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions you might have.  


  • Rustic Lived Edge Wood Sign


  • Custom Round Wood Plaque


  • Custom Memorial Wood Plaque


  • Custom Wood Plaque


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    Story of the Hunt Plaque

    $75.00   $95.00

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    Personalized Rack Plaque


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