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All of our Plaques are 100% Made in the USA. The wood comes from the United States. Then it is processed in the Midwest and all of our engraving and graphics are done right here in Kansas. We proudly support local businesses whenever possible.

Customized Round Alder Plaque

These plaques were born out of a need to fulfill a unique order for the United States Navy.  They wanted to get away from a traditional brass over wood plaque in a way that would still hold a bit of nautical history being round like a porthole. But allowed a very detailed and unique engraving of the newest class of Aircraft Carrier's like the USS Abraham Lincoln.  So we created our customized round wood plaques that are made out of the same alder as the rest of our plaques.

They are available in both a 12" or 9" size and the only limits on engraving itself is really your imagination.  So whether you are commissioning a new research ship for the arctic or just want a uniquely shaped substrate for your latest corporate award please let us know how we can help you today!!

How do I purchase a Round Alder Plaque? 

If you are just looking for a small number of plaques please fill out the form above.  Please select a reasonable date in which you would like to receive it, then choose a size. Below that there are 2 areas where you can upload  images, logo's, or even a document with your design idea's.  Below that there is another area where you can place any text you would like on the plaque.  If you have a vast amount of information and you feel it makes it too difficult to use this interface, please feel free to email us at [email protected] with all of your information after you have placed your order.  If you are a leader of your respective plank owner group and are interested in purchasing a large quantity of these planks for your whole crew please feel free to email us or call us at (913) 345-1581 as we have special prices available for large quantity orders.  Whether you are a small or large customer we will work directly with you to design a custom plaque specifically for you or your group.  There is nothing cookie cutter about what we do and we have been doing it for over a decade. 

What is acceptable artwork?

We can use a variety of file types and formats. All artwork sent will be converted to black and white or greyscale before imprinting. In our example image above the ship was processed by us from a 3D rendering of a ship that had not been built yet. Due to the dynamic range limitations of laser engraving the relatively flat lighting produced by the rendering made for a fantastic result in the engraving. The amount of detail that can be put into the engraving is quite amazing. We have used some high quality photos with sucess as well as your typical logo's and text. If you only have ideas but not much in the way of artwork please feel free to express those ideas to us in a phone call or an email. We have quite a bit of stock artwork on file that may or may not fit your needs. We can also help you source the proper artwork for your design. We look forward to hearing from you.